Swedish Sedona                                            60 min  $55

This luxurious massage uses long flowing and gliding strokes to relieve stress. Unwinding tension from muscles that allows the body to relax. A pampering massage that releases all those 'feel good' hormones.  

 Hot Stone Massage             *90 min       $75

Using volcanic basalt stones known for retaining heat that are placed in a digital stone warmer to insure the perfect temperature is maintained. Larger stones are placed on the body, while smaller stones are used to massage from the neck to your toes. Warmth relaxes muscles and allows the therapist to provide a more beneficial massage.  




Aromatherapy          60 min   $55      90 min   $75

Essential oils added to a room diffuser to create a calming ambiance to soothe the senses. Each massage is customized to your individual needs and preferences. I have a variety of 100% pure essential oils that can be added to massage oils and directly on the skin for maximum benefit.   

Custom Therapeutic                    60 min   $55
Perfect for addressing a problem area, like a sore back or a kink in your neck. Focuses on a localized area to ease pain, and can be incorporated in a full body massage. This approach insures faster healing from an increase in overall circulation of blood and lymph fluid. 



Cannabis Massage                                            60 min   $65

I use CBD Clinic products, which are legal in all 50 states and FDA approved. Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, contains no THC so you will not get high. Anti-Inflammatory and pain relief with a therapeutic massage.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage                           60 min  $55    

An extremely light touch that increases the lymph fluid flow to boost your immune function. The lymph system removes toxins from tissues so they can be neutralized inside your lymph nodes. Especially beneficial for women who have had breast cancer. 



Dry Brushing                           15 min add-on   $10       Removes dead skin cells which promote new cell growth for smoother skin. Recommended prior to a lymphatic drainage massage, aids in vascular circulation, digestion, and detoxification.                   



Reflexology                                                          30 min  $25  

Using the "Ingram Method" of  foot reflexology. Specific points on the foot correspond to systems and organs in the body.  Besides,who doesn't like a good foot massage.




​​ReikiMassage                                         90 min   $95

Blending my two favorite healing modalities , in a gentle full body  massage infused with reiki energy. Working with the physical and energetic body to promote a deeper relaxation which allows the body to access it's own natural healing abilities. During massage I will acquire information through the energy fields and chakras that may relate to your emotions or feelings. This is truly a mind, body, spirit massage.


Massage and Reiki Lane